The Cavalier Homes Shepparton Sprint is over for 2019.

A big ‘Thank You’ to all the Volunteers, Sponsors, Supporters, Competitors and Spectators of the event.

Race results click here

Planning for 2020 has began and the page will be updated shortly with all the details.

If you have any feedback you’d like to submit for about the 2019 race, please email

On day timeline

3:30PM – Road Closures Commence (Sobroan St (Welsford to Wyndham), Wyndham St North Bound (Sobroan St to Fitzjohn St), Fitzjohn St and Tom Collins Drive (Fitzjohn St to all abilities playground parking).

4:00PM – Registration & Transition Opens (North End Victoria Park Lake)

4:55PM - Junior Race Briefing

5:00PM – 5-9 yrs Juniors Race Commences 

5:15PM - 10-15yrs Juniors Race Commences

5:50PM - Senior Race Briefing

6:00PM - Senior Males Race Commences

6:05PM - Senior Females Race Commences

6:10PM - Senior Teams Race Commences

8:00PM - Transition Open (collect bikes)

8:45PM - Presentations

Course Maps

Seniors Race


Swim Leg

The swim leg will be a triangular course within the Victoria Park Lake (Shepparton), entering and exiting the lake at the Northern End.

On water safety will be provided by Shepparton Search and Rescue.


Bike Course

All roads will be closed to regular traffic.

Professioanal Traffic Management will be engaged to manage all on day road closures and traffic diversions.

A “Sweep Vehicle” will follow the last rider on course, this will ensure all cyclist are accounted for as well as notify marshalls when the last rider has passed.

The bike course will comence and finish at the north end of Victoria Park Lake. Riders will do 4 laps of a course that will proceed along Sobraon Street beofre turning and heading South along Wyndham Street and continuing around to Tom Collins Drive behind the Caravan park before turning and returning on the same course.


Run Course

Following the foot paths around Victoria Park Lake runners will leavee transition at the North End of the lake, they will follow the outer path around the lake in a clockwise direction continuing on to the inner path as per the below map. At the 2.5km mark competiors will turn around and retrace the course back to the finish line adjacent to the transition area.

Juniors Race

5- 9yrs Swim (25m), Bike (1km), Run (500m)

10-15yrs Swim (50m), Bike (3km), Run (1km)

The kids race will take part with a swim in the AquaMoves Pool starting at eastern end and swimming to the shallow end, STC marshals will be in the pool for support, Kids will exit the pool and run beside the pool towards the rear entrance out to the lake and follow that path east to transiiton area. The ride will be on closed roads (Sobroan St and Wyndham St). The run will follow the marked shared paths around the Victoria Park Lake. 

kids course.png